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the bluemoon movement

"Bluemoon's story is one of resilience, determination, and brotherly love.

Their journey started with pawn shops and gradually transformed into a jewelry business and multiple other ventures. The brothers learned the ins and outs of the jewelry trade and honed their skills, determined to make their mark on the world.

They opened a lounge, a kitchen, and an apparel line, each one reflecting the spirit and culture of the city. And through it all, the brothers remained united, supporting each other and working together to make Bluemoon a success."

-LA Times

our mission

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We aim to harness the spirit and culture of the city and offer creative outlets for those who seek to express it. Whether it's through jewelry, the nightlife, dining, or clothing, BlueMoon is here to help the people of Los Angeles push their dreams.

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BlueMoon Lounge is the crown jewel of Los Angeles' after-hours scene, embodying the vibrant pulse of the city with its lively atmosphere and engaging music. As a part of BlueMoon, the lounge reflects our overarching commitment to excellence and community. It's a place where connections are made and moments are cherished. Here, you don't just step into a venue; you immerse yourself in the essence of BlueMoon: innovative, inclusive, and always unforgettable.

The bluemoon project

united with hope

At BlueMoon, we are honored to have orchestrated a successful Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, a testament to our unwavering commitment to community impact. Spearheaded by our passionate team at BlueMoon Cannabis, we channeled the solidarity and support of our patrons into a powerful movement, raising significant funds for our dedicated nonprofit organization. Captured in a stirring documentary, which we proudly showcase, the initiative highlights the profound stories of resilience and hope that define the breast cancer journey. Your continued support amplifies our message and aids ongoing research and support efforts, fostering hope for a future where breast cancer is a conquerable challenge.