In-House Creation

Here at Blue Moon & Co, we make all custom pieces in-house. Our dedication to the craft and hands-on approach ensures you peace of mind while we take each project under our wing from start to finish. As a family run business of six brothers, we hold each other accountable for every outcome. Our mission is to make all our work unforgettable pieces of art.

Our Craftsmanship

Combining tech with trade, our team consists of the highest caliber creators in the custom jewelry world. We have five diamond setters with 20+ years of experience, five jewelers/polishers with 16+ years of experience, plus two 3D designers and 1 castor for making molds and wax models. Our 4 sales reps help the process flow from design consultation to finished product - all usually in only about 4-7 days. When it comes to craftsmanship in custom jewelry, our team’s talent and worldwide reputation are acclaimed for pushing game to the next level. Premium, precious, and pure - it’s what we do. 


We are located in the Los Angeles Jewelry district. Geographically located between 5th and 8th Streets and running all the way from Broadway to Olive, the Jewelry District in Los Angeles is the heart of the jewelry industry globally. Visit us today.