The bluemoon movement

How it all started

Bluemoon's story is one of resilience, determination, and brotherly love. Six brothers, Anas, Omar, Anwar, Wisam, Mohammed, and Malik Jibawi, were raised by a single mother in a low-income household in Los Angeles, CA.

Their journey started with pawn shops and gradually transformed into a jewelry business and multiple other ventures. The brothers learned the ins and outs of the jewelry trade and honed their skills, determined to make their mark on the world.

They opened a lounge, a kitchen, and an apparel line, each one reflecting the spirit and culture of the city. And through it all, the brothers remained united, supporting each other and working together to make Bluemoon a success.

Our mission

Make positive change in Los Angeles

Bluemoon's mission is to provide a platform for the people of Los Angeles to express themselves. The Jibawi brothers believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves and make their mark on the world, and they are dedicated to making that a reality.

They aim to harness the spirit and culture of the city and offer creative outlets for those who seek to express it. Whether it's through jewelry making, hookah lounging, dining, clothing, or something else entirely, Bluemoon is here to help the people of Los Angeles realize their dreams.

our products

Crafted with precision

Bluemoon offers a wide range of products, each one reflecting the spirit and culture of Los Angeles. However, it's best known for its exquisite, handcrafted jewelry that has earned it a reputation as one of the best in the city. The jewelry is not only beautiful but also meaningful, each piece reflecting the creativity, passion, and dedication of the Jibawi brothers.

The brothers take great pride in their work and are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their clients. They use only the finest materials and the latest techniques to create jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're looking for a custom piece of jewelry, or you want to purchase one of the beautiful pieces from the Bluemoon collection, you can be confident that you're getting the best quality and craftsmanship available.

  • A Desire to Give Back
    Together, we stand in support of the children of Los Angeles and for those facing hardship around the world. We believe that ethical and community-driven businesses have a crucial role to play in creating positive change. Every sale, every donation, and every family makes a difference. Your support is essential in bringing hope and a brighter future. Visit our Charity page to learn more about our initiatives and how you can help.