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3D Ankh Cross Diamond Pendant

3D Ankh Cross Diamond Pendant

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This stunning pendant is made of gleaming 14k gold and features a sparkling array of diamonds that cover the entire ankh cross design. The diamonds catch the light beautifully, creating a mesmerizing effect that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Wear this pendant as a symbol of eternal life and enduring love, or simply as a fashion statement that is sure to turn heads.

Approximate Measurements

3.5 CTW

Weight: 13g

Height: 2.0in (including bail)

Width: 0.13in

Bail Size (from inside): 0.20in x 0.26in 

*All jewelry orders ship within 1-4 weeks 

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How it all started

The Bluemoon Wave

The odyssey began with humble beginnings in pawn shops, eventually evolving into a thriving jewelry enterprise, lounge and numerous other ventures. Committed to leaving a lasting impact, the team mastered the jewelry trade and refined their abilities.

Subsequently, they established a lounge, a culinary space, and a clothing line, each embodying the essence and culture of their city.

Our Products

Crafted With Meaningful Purpose

Our passion lies in our unwavering devotion to exceptional, innovative jewelry pieces that stand out from the crowd. Many of these creations utilize rare materials and precious metals, with a particular emphasis on the intricate artisanship involved in hand-finishing each piece.

By ensuring that our manufacturers hold proper accreditation, we can confidently guarantee both safety and ethical production.

Built Upon Family Bonds

Raised by a single mother in a financially challenged household in Los Angeles, CA, the six Jibawi brothers – Anas, Omar, Anwar, Wisam, Mohammed, and Malik – stood together.

Throughout their endeavors, the siblings maintained their solidarity, collaborating and supporting one another to ensure Bluemoon's prosperity.