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Rockin’ a hip-hop pendant is all about showing off your bling. These iced-out pieces are typically worn as a centerpiece to attract your fits. The biggest stars in the hip-hop community like Kanye, Diddy, and Jay-Z are typically seen wearing flashy pieces some costing over $50-100k.


  • 14K Gold Diamond "LA" Pendant
  • 14K Gold "Lakers" Pendant
  • 14K Diamond Hamsa Hand Pendant
  • 14K Gold Diamond Cross Pendant
  • 14K Gold Diamond Virgin Mary Pendant
  • 14K Gold Diamond Jesus Cross Pendant
  • 14K White Gold Diamond Bomb Pendant
  • 14K Gold $100 Dollar Bill Pendant
  • 14K Diamond BOSS Pendant
  • 14K Gold Diamond Lean Cup Pendant
  • 14K Diamond Cluster Dome Emerald Shaped Pendant
  • 14K Diamond Draco Pendant
  • 14K Gold Diamond Ankh Cross Pendant
  • 14K Diamond Revolver Pendant
  • 14K Diamond Bullet Pendant
  • 14K Diamond "100" Pendant
  • 14K Diamond Outlet Pendant
  • 14K Gold Diamond Angel Pendant
  • 14K Diamond "Love" Heart Necklace
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  • 14K Diamond Hamsa Hand Necklace
  • 14K Diamond Blue Enamel Hamsa Hand Pendant
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  • 14K Diamond Hexagon Necklace
  • 14K Gold Diamond Backpack Pendant
  • 14K Gold Pablo Escobar Pendant
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