Once rigid and demanding, jewelry etiquette has become much more flexible and accepting

over the course of the past decade or two. In fact, many traditional jewelry rules have fallen

completely out of favor -- as we will discuss later in this article. But, at the same time, other

pieces of jewelry etiquette remain just as important today as they were in your

grandmother's generation.

Despite the overall trend toward an “anything goes” attitude, all these change can lead to a

bit of confusion -- complicating the already sticky subject of unspoken social rules to a

frustrating extreme. That's why we have compiled this brief yet insightful guide to the basics

of jewelry etiquette. Pay attention to the following five rules and you should have nothing to

worry about!

1. Don't Outshine the Star

From weddings, to baptisms, to promotion parties, to farewell celebrations, many of the

events that inspire us to dress our best tend to feature a “star of the show.” (That would be,

respectively, the bride and groom, the person being baptized, the employee who has been

promoted, the person who is leaving, etc.)

Generally speaking, when an event is held in honor of one person or one group of people in

particular, you should avoid making your outfit flashier than that person’s. This applies to

every detail of your getup -- so theatrical makeup, ostentatious ties, and unignorable

footwear are all no’s. The same goes for extravagant watches, oversized earrings, clanky

bracelets, etc. During such events, you are playing a supporting role -- and your attire

should reflect that.

2. Avoid Noise

As referenced above, loud jewelry is rude in most situations. (In fact, the only real exception

to this rule would be loud environments such as clubs and musical events where the

baseline noise drowns out any clunking that your jewelry might cause!) Combining

bracelets, necklaces, or earrings in a way that causes a rattling metallic noise simply isn't


3. Watch Your Watch

A sleek and stylish watch can give your outfit a polished professional look that is perfect for

the workplace -- but rather inappropriate for weddings, parties, and other special events.

Paying close attention to the time in these situations could indicate that you have

somewhere else you would rather be, after all!

4. Environment is Everything.

No, we’re not talking about mother nature, we’re talking about the social environment in

which you use your jewelry! In other words, your jewelry for girls night out can be fun, flirty,

and maybe even a little silly -- whereas work jewelry should probably trend toward the

traditional. Likewise, formal, night time events call for gold and diamonds, whereas a

daytime party calls for...anything you feel like. Though this tip may sound rather simple, it is

a good guiding principle to keep in mind.

5. Disregard Outdated Jewelry Rules

All the rules listed above might be a little overwhelming -- so to balance things out, here are

a few often-cited jewelry rules that you can choose to ignore:

● Mixing old and new jewelry is totally fine -- as are antiquated rules about “not mixing


● Want to wear a ring on your left hand? Go for it! The old rule forbidding this (which

was almost obsessively focused on marriage) is now a thing of the past.

● Matching jewelry sets were once seen as the norm -- but nowadays, mixing and

matching yourself is a perfectly acceptable way of demonstrating your creativity.

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