The smallest interlocking crystals, invisible to the naked eye, form a powerful crystal structure of the legendarily beneficial stone, Jade. The wearable stone gives off good energy for the wearer and those in contact with them while available in a variety of colors outside of it’s most recognizable green.

Mined and appreciated in China since the Stone Age, Jade stone has been seen as a symbol of status and purity as well as having healing powers to encourage good health and bring good fortune to the wearers. With so many benefits that the stone offers, the uses have ranged from ornamentation, ritual objects, and (our favorite) jewelry for more than 9,000 years. Jade was historically gifted in the form of jewelry to act as a talisman to protect the body from harm and the tradition has lived on through the 21st century. The wearers of Jade don’t keep it for just occasions but love the feeling of meditating while wearing the stone as well.

Also known as the Emperors stone, the Chinese characters for Jade and Emperor look nearly identical symbolizing the high regard that the Chinese have bestowed upon it. The Emperor's stone became so highly regarded that even Confucius spoke of its benefits and famously compared its best attributes to the character of a gentleman. For the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, each of the medals was embedded with Jade, and the gold medal with a rare white version of the stone.

Expert jewelers and celebrities love the look and feel of Jade. Jewelers find the stone difficult to cut, as the hardness and durability are very high, making intricate designs ever more adored and valuable. Celebrities like Uma Thurman and Jennifer Lawrence love the look of Jade with black and white to complement stunning gowns and everyday casual looks. The world is embracing the Jade fascination and it couldn’t be easier to find a lovely styling to enhance the stone's beauty.

The Jade fascination has extended across the world and is becoming more fashionable than ever. The appeal of a Jade pendant is the perfect complement to a crisp button down shirt when it’s displayed on top of the shirt buttoned the whole way to the top. Usually the perfect balance between the neck and the heart, an 18” rope chain gives the ideal length and style symmetry that promote the good vibes that the stone is known for.

Yet, the neck is not the only place to allow a Jade to grace your body; the ever-popular bangle bracelet is elegant enough to be worn each day and complements any style whether bold or demure. Jade rings are worn in a variety of stunning colors and can be found as entire stone rings or they can be cut and mounted in your favorite metal, giving a more modern look. When looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, Jade can be found in elaborate carvings most popularly of animals with each representing a different significance.

Jade inspires the highest spiritual aspirations of the wearer and can extend to those within proximity. The style of a pure Jade stone with its signature color variations will entice the eye and pair well with any skin tone. The finest Jade stones sell for more than diamonds of the same weight and are coveted for their rarity and unique characteristics in the variation of brilliant colors. No matter the choice of how to wear Jade, the benefits will remain the same and the options are endless.

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