Check Out Lebron James in His Lakers Jersey!

BIG shout-out and welcome to a king of kings, Lebron James, as he takes to the court while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. It is an honor to have the four-time NBA MVP and league champion with three titles under his belt be part of our local team. We’re thrilled that he chose the Lakers within 24 hours of him being a free agent because that means this season of basketball is going to be intense!

Not a Surprise for Former Teammates Who Played with Lebron

Lebron’s decision was one he had considered for years and didn’t come as a surprise to some of his former teammates. According to, the reasoning behind his choice had to do with the young athletes he’d play beside, the cap situation with the team, the connection he’d have with Magic Johnson, and the respect he had for the Lakers franchise. Rife with historical championship feats, he wanted the opportunity to be a part of it at this stage of his career.

Showing Love for His Cavaliers Fans on Instagram

Lebron’s Instagram account was an outpour of love and support for the Cleveland fans he’s left behind. After playing for the Cavaliers for four seasons, he noted the roots he has in his home state of Ohio. The last season he played for the Cavs was among his most incredible.

Coming Off a Season of Record-Breaking Feats

Of the 82 regular-season games, he played in all of them. The NBA also ranked him third for his 27.5 point average and career highs of 8.6 rebounds as well as 9.1 assists. Cleveland made it to the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive year because of Lebron’s contribution to the team.

Lebron’s History of Excellence Shines Through

Throughout his career, he has been named an NBA All-Star in the last 14 seasons, racked up the highest points in history for a career player (30,000) along with 8,000 rebounds and an equal number of assists. The accomplished athlete has proven his worth as an award-winner, Olympian, and role model. His contributions to the communities he’s played in are well-known, too.

We Have Mad Respect for Lebron as a Man and Athlete

Pay homage to a legend by checking out and getting excited seeing Lebron in his Lakers jersey. Show support for one of the most extraordinary basketball players of the century by watching him play. The sport doesn’t get any better than having an all-star player and stand-up guy on the team. We’re excited to feel the energy he brings to the game going forward.

Nothing But Well Wishes from Us for This Fine Athlete

We want to wish Lebron the best in all he does and thank him for choosing our city and the Lakers as his team of choice. We can’t wait to see which records he annihilates as part of a historic team. Thinking back to all the notable players before him, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant, we feel that the Lakers is the perfect place for Lebron James to continue building his legacy.

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